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30 mars 2015


Welcome to the Buckingham Historical Society Wiki.


The Buckingham Historical Society (BHS) Wiki is a collaborative tool where anyone can add or edit information and thus contribute directly to the heritage knowledge base of the Vallée de la Basse-Lièvre in all its forms.

Its contents can be freely accessed by all, however to add or edit information, it is necessary to create an account. Users with an account can modify an existing article or create a new article on the Vallée de la Basse-Lièvre heritage.

Any content or modification submitted is read and validated by a moderator before publication. The moderator will verify that all texts and images comply with our terms of use. Note that the moderators are volunteers, consequently delays might occur.

The moderator may decide not to publish content on the Wiki if they do not  comply with the following terms of use,

1. The content must respect copyright law:

( Basically, if you are not the author of a text or a photograph, or the beneficiary of the author, you do not have the copyrights. The exception being a picture or text whose rights have expired, and which thereby end up in the public-domain. )

2.  Must respect  image rights and  privacy laws.

( Information or a photo of a living person will not be accepted unless those person, or persons, give written permission. The exception being a living person in a crowd or a public event. )

3.  Must respect defamation, libel and discrimination laws. Any content that is defamatory, offensive, aggressive, hateful, vulgar, xenophobic, homophobic, sexist or racist will not be accepted.

4.  Must be appropriate to a public of all ages.

5.  Must be verifiable, and supported by sources and/or relevant documentation

6.  Must relate to local heritage.

7. Promotional or advertising content in any form will not be accepted.